Lockdown Tractionpad

Design Challenge

Many of us are in lockdown, so we wanted to throw out the #jamdesignchallenge to get creative and bring awareness to the people in need.

The winning design will be announced on May 15th, and during production we will pick a local charity together with the winner to contribute part of the Traction Pad sales to help the people in need.

How to Enter:

  • If you want to enter please download the design file.
  • You can edit it on your favourite program or print it out and draw your design.
  • Create a post on Instagram until May 10th with your design tagging @jamtraction and #jamdesignchallenge
  • The winner will be picked 50% on the post likes, and 50% by the Jam team riders who will shoutout their favorite designs over their InstaStories.
  • Keep in mind that the designs can’t be too detailed or complex because of the machines being used for production.

Let the designing begin… Good luck to everyone.



Download the visual